Making Accessible Software For The World

As unthinkable as it is, many people do not have access to the sophisticated technological benefits that most of us enjoy and depend upon. I can almost hear you saying, “What? Aside from those living in remote places of the world, everyone uses technology.” Well, that’s only partially true. You are correct that most of us simply cannot function without computer-assisted communication. We take for granted that we will log on daily, check our email, research, blog, shop, read the news, find a doctor and live a more abundant life through this awesome technology that so faithfully keeps us connected. But… what about the many people who have physical disabilities that prohibit them from taking full advantage of technology.
The unfortunate reality is that there a billion people living with disabilities and for whom conventional computing just doesn’t work. For these people, the problem is accessibility. Listen — do you hear the outcry that grows increasingly louder with each passing year as new technology continues to leave this population behind?
You may know someone whose vision is limited or who suffers from dyslexia. What about the man down the street who had a stroke that left him partially paralyzed? We live side-by-side with people who are disabled – people who have the same needs as everyone else. Just look at a few of the changes we have put into place to make the world a better place for everyone.
We have mandated that public restrooms must be wheelchair accessible
Places of business and worship must have ramps and handicap parking spaces
There are motorized shopping carts with seats for those who may have ambulatory issues
There are even lifts on public transportation
How could we have ever allowed accessible computing to slip through the cracks?
Accessible Computing Foundation (ACF) does not equate ‘Disability’ with ‘Inability’. It is our mission to silence the outcry for computing accessibility. By developing strategies for the creation of free software, we WILL resolve the issue of inaccessible technology and replace its many challenges with empowerment – empowerment to enjoy the life-enriching privileges of living in this century. Everyone will be able to take full advantage of these conveniences. In fact, revolutionizing computer accessibility for the disabled will actually contribute to future technology in the years to come.
Ok. If you are still with us, it’s probably because you are thinking… “Yeah, I see what you mean and I am beginning to hear the outcry that has gone unanswered for so long.” So many times, we read, agree and move on. But today, right now, you have an opportunity to help make accessible computing a reality. You can actually take part in bringing accessible freedom to people all around the world!
The really great thing about this is that it only takes $2.00 a month to reach back and bring a billion people into the 21st century where they rightfully belong (just 50 cents a week!). You can enrich someone’s life by helping them to experience the ease of paying their bills online, or to locate the closest FedEx drop box or purchase a birthday gift from the comfort of home. WOW! And you will be rewarded with the awesome satisfaction of knowing that you participated!
Our various membership levels begin at just $2.00 USD per month, but your generosity will breathe life into this project with renewed vigor and hope for many. Two dollars monthly may not seem like much to you, but this level will encourage many, many people to take an active part in making this dream a reality. We hope and pray that everyone will hear the call to action that will eventually silence the cry for accessibility.
We also have 3 other membership plans geared toward bridging the gap between accessibility and technology. To participate, just click on the drop down menu under “Supporter Options” below and select the level of your preference. Then click “Subscribe”. If you prefer to make a donation, just click on the “Donate” button below. By acting now, we can begin to muffle, soften, and eventually silence the outcry.
Thank you for visiting ACF and for supporting our endeavors to give those with disabilities a fighting chance in this modern day technological revolution.

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