Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Accessible Computing Foundation (ACF) is to make technology accessible to people suffering from various disabilities. Many of these disabilities make conventional computing extremely difficult, if not impossible.

There is a huge chasm that separates technology from the people who stand to gain the greatest benefit. The technological needs of people with physical and/or mental challenges have not been addressed and this population has been greatly deterred from gaining full access to computers, cell phones and other electronic devices that the vast majority considers a necessity of everyday life. Many of these people are not even able to access the internet.

Your support of ACF enables us to partner with developers and to advance accessible technology by creating Free and Open Source software. All software produced by the ACF will be released under a Copyleft license, thereby ensuring that all variations of the software will continue to be publicly accessible, Free and Open Source.

Through the process of providing computer accessibility, the ACF has huge potential for positive outcomes on many levels. To name just a few of the major benefits, it will:

Provide true accessibility testing for websites and web applications
Provide programming and developmental training to the visually impaired
Increase employment opportunities for blind and low vision people

Today, you have the opportunity to help make accessible computing a reality. You can actually take part in bringing accessible freedom to people all around the world! Your generous donation of just $2.00 a month (50 cents a week!) will breathe life into this project with renewed hope for many and encourage others to take an active part in making this dream a reality. The option is also available to make a single donation.

Just think — YOU have the ability to simply click the Paypal button below. Wouldn’t it be awesome if everybody did?

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