The Relese Of Sonar GNU/linux

Sonar Releases New Assistive Technology Operating System
New Software Brings Accessibility To Those In Need

Today Sonar announced the release of their new assistive technology based operating system to bring accessibility options to computer users around the world. The new operating system is designed for users that have difficulty using computers because of vision and other problems.

The new operating system is built off of Manjaro Linux, a subset of Arch Linux, in an effort to not only provide a complete system full of accessibility options for free, but to do so on a stable platform. Sonar’s adaptive technology engineering is spear-headed by Kyle Brouhard with the help of the Manjaro project leader Phil Miller.

Some of the accessibility features offered by Sonar’s new assistive technology based operating system include:

* Orca, a screen reading technology that will allow vision impaired users to listen to content displayed on the monitor.
* On-screen magnification to allow users with poor eyesight the ability to read small print displayed on the monitor.
* An on-screen keyboard that can be used to type with a mouse or trackball, suitable for users unable to use a traditional keyboard for typing.
* A custom font developed to help readers that have dyslexia.

Sonar is designed to completely replace traditional operating systems currently available, the goal of Sonar’s new assistive technology is to bring accessibility options to users who need it for free. The accessible operating system brings the ability to use technology to those who have been physically incapable of doing so in the past.

The software is available for immediate, free download on the company’s website. Future updates and releases will be available at no cost so users who need accessibility options will have the ability to access technology without paying extra costs.

If you wish to check out Sonar and download it for free here is the link.